This item is part of the Rijksstudio project in collaboration with Etsy and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The museum has digitally photographed and uploaded a large part of their collection, which is now available online for public use. They decided to collaborate with five Etsy artists from around the world to show examples of how these images could be used. I was asked to create an art object. ** So proud **

 I created a herbarium. The coming weeks I'll show you all of the 12 items. 

This painting of Vermeer is one of the topitems of the Rijksmuseum. It was perfect for the wild rose. The flower is hand made of unbleached cotton and printed with the Rijksmuseum painting Brieflezende vrouw by Johannes Vermeer. It is for sale here and here.


Babette zei…
wauw super gaaf zeg! Wat een te gek groot project. En super mooie roos. Je bent zo getalenteerd!
Patrice A. zei…
wat mooi!
en dit schilderij hangt al zo'n 20 jaar als reproductie aan mijnmuur
ik vind het een van zijn mooiste schilderijen
en jouw bloem past er prachtig bij

Patrice A.