Impression of the Etsy boot at Strawberry Earth Fair

This weekend I joined a great team of Etsy sellers at the Strawberry Earth Fair. Some impressions of this weekend. Thank you everybody for a wonderful weekend!
The hanging vases of AfNolet
Delicate illustrations by GlassWingDesign
Always impressive, paperwork by The Krantenkapper 

Foto: @PuurAnders #sefair14 de strawberries zijn fan!
Pictures taken by Anastasia of GlassWingDesign and Ingrid Maria Meijer.


Preparations for Strawberry Earth Fair

Foto: New feather bookmarks for the Strawberry Earth fair this weekend. Only two days left.

This weekend the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam will transform into a forest paradise packed with the latest in sustainable fashion, design, film and food. Together with these lovely Etsy shops I'll be present at the Strawberry Earth Fair on 11 and 12 October 2014! The Krantenkapper will bring their tattoos, cards and garlands. AF Nolet sells hanging planters. Windward Made creates sustainable fashion accessories. Glasswing design with butterflies. And I will sell my new bookmarks together with some leaf brooches and demonstrate my work. 

Celebrate & cherish: portrait by Catherine Olivier

I love the happiness in the illustration of Catherine Olivier. I guess it would be so nice to have a portrait drawn by her like she did with this one. 


Catherine Olivier

Photograph by Libertadleal
Illustration by Catherine Olivier


Puur Anders @ Ariadne at Home at the Woonbeurs


I had a great time at the Ariadne at Home stand at the Woonbeurs Amsterdam. It was a lovely workplace. I enjoyed the conversations with visitors, the editorial staff and friends who visited the home. So thank you Ariadne at Home!


Celebrate & Cherish: message in a bottle

Send a little love...


1. Picture by FloretFlowers (via Pinterest)
2/3 Message in a bottle letter service by Miniature Rhino on Etsy
4. Picture via Gin'n Bird tumbir (via Pinterest)


Celebrate & Cherish: the instant comfort pocket box

This is all you need when you are feeling blue. Beauty, comfort and love.

The Instant Comfort Pocket Box  //  Kims Little Monsters.

Flowers on the wall * Installation phmre. G.BarrCarpet of flowers


  1. via The Front Row tumblir (via Mady Dooijes on Pinterest)
  2. The Instant Comfort Box by Kim Welling (Kim's Little Monsters)
  3. Flowers on the wall * Installation phmre. G.Barr (via Collectif H2Fr on Pinterest)
  4. Carpet of Flowers (via Etain on Pinterest)


Coming up: Puur Anders @ Strawberry Earth Fair

Together with 3 Etsy colleagues I'll be part of the Strawberry Earth Fair. For two days the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam will be transformed into a forest paradise packed with the latest in sustainable fashion, design, film and food. I'll be working their live on a new project and selling some new products! So I do hope we'll meet!

Strawberry Earth Fair
11 & 12 October 

Picture from Puur Anders lookbook 2014. Styling: Inspirestyling | Photography: 88forever


Coming up: Puur Anders @ Ariadne at Home home

I've been asked by Dutch magazine Ariadne at Home to move my studio for two days to their stand on the Woonbeurs in Amsterdam. How great is that? The Woonbeurs is a number 1 event for interiors and design in the Netherlands. Ariadne at Home shows a preview of their home in their latest edition. I love it already. I'm looking forward to work in such a pretty place.

I'll be working in the Ariadne at Home atelier on Thursday and Sunday.

The Woonbeurs is open from September 30th till October 5th.


The memory tree

In the library this book immediately caught my eye. I guess because of the title 'Een boom vol herinneringen' (The memory tree). I was not dissappointed. What an amazing book. 

'Fox has lived a long and happy life in the forest. One day, he lies down in his favourite clearing, takes a deep breath, and falls asleep for ever. Before long, Fox's friends begin to gather in the clearing. One by one, they tell stories of the special moments that they shared with Fox. And, as they share their memories, a tree begins to grow, becoming bigger and stronger, sheltering and protecting all the animals in the forest, just as Fox did when he was alive.' 


Celebrate & Cherish: A pouch made of a sleeve

Sometimes it is hard to do away clothes with precious memories. 'Goods to remember' makes it possible to turn a jacket, a sweater or jeans into a bag, phone-case or even in babyshoes. Such a wonderful idea.

Een etui gemaakt van een mouw van GoodsToRememberjared fowler.

WOver the hill

  1. A pouch made of a sleeve by Goods to remember 
  2. Back burn, Jared Fowler (via récolte digitale (pinterest)) 
  3. Man and dog by Andy Kraushaar  (via Sarah B on pinterest)
  4. Over the hill (via Stephanie duPont, Glittery Moon Vintage on pinterest)


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