New collection - inspiration (3)

Nature, weeping willow tree lily pads
  groot hoefblad

This is the third inspiration theme for my new collection. Are you getting curious yet?

Well, you have to wait a couple weeks. First, I need a break. Some time with my family.
See you soon!


Warm memories

My client sent me this beautiful picture with a few precious pictures of her father and mother. She wanted advice on which picture would be the best on a flower. Her mother has recently deceased, her father 18 years ago. She wanted a nice memory of her parents. Together we decided to go for this photo in color.

"The flower has been given a place in a bobbin. My mother was in fact for the whole family all sewing and repairing."

New collection - inspiration (2)

wild flowers

My new collection is based on three themes. Last week I've showed you the woodland theme. And here is part two, the wild flower garden. I'm in love with all the colors! This is a challenge for me.


New collection - inspiration


    pretty light 

Woodland flowers

I'm working on a new collection the last months. Normally I don't work with deadlines, but this time it will be photographed by stylist Anne of Inspire Styling and photographer Danique of 88Forever. Their work is so beautiful! I have to show their work you soon in a new feature. But now I leave you with inspiration images for one of the 3 themes of my collection. The other two will follow soon.


Gladiolus with photograph of her father

During our collaboration for art cards Chantana Reemst challenged me to make a gladiolus She sent me a beautiful picture of her father. In my head I saw the flower in front of me, but it turned out to be quite difficult to make it. Fortunately, she gave me a lot of time to work it out. And that provided a perfect gladiolus.

Chantana is an artist too and she will use the flower in her work. I can not wait to see the final result.


Cherish your parents

Custom made oak leaf pendant and butterfly brooch. 
and some wise words...

Love your parents.
we are so busy growing up,
we often forget 
they are also growing old.


Spring flowers

With my son I discover the most beautiful springflowers. Today I've used them as props for my work, because I'm working on a new photography style.



Work & picknick


I'm working on a new collection including a great shoot with Inspire Styling and 88Forever. This Sunday I've been exporing Amelisweerd for some shoot locations together with my family. It was such a great day, combining work with some walking, relaxing, having a picknick and playing soccer. I saw some pretty flowers too, which I really want to try making.

Work in progress

almost ready for shipping, this custom made flower.


Etsy favorites

Morning landscape photography 20x20cm (8x8inches) Neutral blue colors Lake Nature photographyRetro Dress in Gingham
Dried Floral Arrangement Still Life Photography 8x10 Home Decor Wall Art Decor Nature Decor Garden Photography Horizontal

Morning landscape photo by Peraboom
Bird brooches by Linn Warme
Retro Dress by Letsbacktrack
Dried floral arrangement by Bellesandghosts
Bird brooches - Double Love pins (2 pieces)

This willow tree

This is a Willow tree near our home. Every day we walk past her a couple times. When I bring my son to school or just when I go to the postoffice to bring some packages.
 I've never looked up. Yesterday I did, for the first time. I was quiet first...
Amazing, what a beautiful lady she is.
She definitely inspires me.


Beach discovery

Last weekend we went to the beach. It was a bit cold, but we had a great time. 
On our way back I spotted this plant in the dunes. Love the little leaves spreading out on the sand. What  kind of picture will fit on these leaves?


Work in progress

This flower will be very personal to my customer. Not shown on this picture is the photo of her parents (for privacy reasons). She lost her parents and wanted something special made of their picture.


Work in progress

Almost ready this gladiolus...

Peacock feather

I always love working on something different than what I'm used to. This time I was asked to make a leaf of the logo of a yoga center. It existed 25 years and one of her students collected money to give her a unique gift. When I saw the logo I noticed a small peacock feather. We agreed that this was a perfect item to make. And so I did and it was complete under a glass bell. 
After she gave the present, she told me that the new owner loved it.  


Those exciting days

My father always loved to surf. For several reasons he quit this sport. I gave him this bookmark as a father's day gift. So he can always go back to those exciting days.

A memory frame

This flower is made of the engagement photo of the grandparents of my client. It is a gift to her aunt. She sent me a picture of how she placed the flower in a frame. She says: "On the back of the list is a handwritten letter from my grandfather to my grandmother for her birthday. On the ground beside the flower you'll see their wedding rings. This frame fits perfectly with the kind of people my grandparents were. They were close to nature. All together this frame is a beautiful memory for my aunt. It fits her personality and that of her parents."

Memory of a loved one

"He always gave her red roses."

This butterfly was a Christmas gift from a daughter to her mother. On the butterfly I printed a picture of her deceased husband. They pinned the butterfly to a red rose and made a beautiful object of it.


Work in progress

Trying something new, because I'm working on a new collection again. This is a small flower (printed with a painting of the Rijksmuseum) on a real branch. Love the result so far.


Gift for a friend

Familypictures... I love them so much. This was a perfect image for this oak leaf brooch. It was a gift for friend of my customer.



Personal magnolia branch

"It was just right. My parents loved it, the whole family was on it!" 

This was such a nice assignment. For Christmas 3 children wanted to surprise their parents with a special gift. Together we came up with a magnolia tree branch. This tree was a beloved one in their parents garden. 

The branch has five flowers. Besides the parents each family has its own flower. On the half-open flowerbud I printed a photo of their deceased son.

The story behind the Linden branch

I've showed you a detail before of this lovely Linden branch. I wasn't quite sure if I could show you the branch, but I had permission!

This was a beautiful assignment. On the leaves you see the three children of my client R. The Linden branch was a gift for his girlfriend. 7 years ago, their son was born and passed away. Their second daughter was born and she carries the name Linde. That name has been given to her for a special reason, so that is why my client asked me to make a Linden branch. Thank you for the opportunity R. and H.!


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