Testing and creating

This snowdrop made my day after the disappointment of the failed test with the flowerbud. I'm not giving up on the flowerbud though. It just needs some more thinking.



For my project with Celinda I'll have to make a lot of (new) flowers. So this weekend I bought some real ones to figure out how they look like.

I carefully picked some petals,

photographed the shapes of the leaves,

studied the colors and shapes..

and enjoyed the leftovers


Great plans

The first vintage photos for our project arrived.

Celinda and I have wonderful plans for an exhibition in October. And we are working on a crowdfunding campaign. 


Scenes from last week

After a week updating my website, figuring out how to make a snowdrop and translating my website into english, I was glad we had some time into the woods today.



Scenes from last week

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Last week my son and I visited the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. We enjoyed the work of Hans Hovy, Mondriaan and Mark Rothko, but had also a lot of fun at the children exhibition Puzemuze by Wim Hofman and the great interactive Wonderkamers. We are definitely coming back.


New work (in progress) II


"The day I decided that my life was magical, there was suddenly magic all around me."  Snow Days

For my new concept I decided to create five objects. I promise, I'll soon tell you more about the story behind it, but first I'm going to really make them. One object is a dandelion. Such an undervalued flower. It is wonderful to work on it. Enjoy my inspiration images!

1.Gevonden op agneskarin.se (via Pinterest)
2. via Pinterest
3. Like in a fairytale. photo by NiklasPhotography (via Piinterest)
4, via Free people.com via pinterest


New work (in progress)

As you may know my shop hybernates in the winter. I do not take orders, but that doesn't mean I'm sitting on the couch all day. I have so many energy! Finally I have time to work on my ideas which popped up in my head last year. Like for example the collaboration with Celinda Versluis, which hopefully results in an exhibition this year and I'm making a new series artobjects. I'm working on a concept idea for the last one, called - for now-  'Small survivors'. Still working on it, but here are some inspiration images.

Vintage photo Red Head Teenage Girl 3 photo booth photobooth 3 frames Olvera Street


Winter sleep

A garden in winter sleep

Peace for the ground

so there is soon space and nutrient

to grow and flourish in abundance.


Seeds planted during fall wait patiently till the

spring sun calls them.

A garden in hibernation.

Winter is not the end.

It is the beginning.

The origin of new life.

Puur Anders takes the seasons seriously. I give my Garden of Beautiful Moments a break till March 21th. During the winter I do not take orders. You can reach me via e-mail. Feel free to plant some beautiful seeds. 

PS I'll keep posting news on social media. 


The last couple weeks

Many leaves will be under the Christmas tree this year.
A corner in my workspace.

My son helping me out.

A beautiful surprise between the pile of magazines of my mother in law. 

For some reason I'm fascinated by weeds.

The last couple weeks I have been quite busy. Christmas is coming up and I look forward to it. It has been quiet here, so I thought I share some images of what's on my mind lately.


Inspired by

I'm working on so many beautiful flowers, butterflies and leaves at the moment. They are all Christmas presents, so I can't show you a preview. So enjoy this inspiring picture of another artist.

PS If someone knows the photographer, please let me know.


Great plans for 2015

Manuel Álvarez Bravo starsby Under the root on Etsy Swedish Midsummer

I'm so excited. 2015 will be very special. A year about change, shaking things up, showing myself and confidence. Although I'm a bit scared, it feels great to know that I'm not alone. So thank you already Celinda and Caro for working together with me. Our ideas will turn out so great!

1. Photo by Manuel Álvarez Bravo (via Pinterest)
2. Fiona Kelly photography (via Wantthatwedding.com on Pinterest)
3. By Undertheroot (via Pinterest)
4. Lovely Life blog (via Pinterest)


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