Winter sleep

A garden in winter sleep

Peace for the ground

so there is soon space and nutrient

to grow and flourish in abundance.


Seeds planted during fall wait patiently till the

spring sun calls them.

A garden in hibernation.

Winter is not the end.

It is the beginning.

The origin of new life.

Puur Anders takes the seasons seriously. I give my Garden of Beautiful Moments a break till March 21th. During the winter I do not take orders. You can reach me via e-mail. Feel free to plant some beautiful seeds. 

PS I'll keep posting news on social media. 


The last couple weeks

Many leaves will be under the Christmas tree this year.
A corner in my workspace.

My son helping me out.

A beautiful surprise between the pile of magazines of my mother in law. 

For some reason I'm fascinated by weeds.

The last couple weeks I have been quite busy. Christmas is coming up and I look forward to it. It has been quiet here, so I thought I share some images of what's on my mind lately.


Inspired by

I'm working on so many beautiful flowers, butterflies and leaves at the moment. They are all Christmas presents, so I can't show you a preview. So enjoy this inspiring picture of another artist.

PS If someone knows the photographer, please let me know.


Great plans for 2015

Manuel Álvarez Bravo starsby Under the root on Etsy Swedish Midsummer

I'm so excited. 2015 will be very special. A year about change, shaking things up, showing myself and confidence. Although I'm a bit scared, it feels great to know that I'm not alone. So thank you already Celinda and Caro for working together with me. Our ideas will turn out so great!

1. Photo by Manuel Álvarez Bravo (via Pinterest)
2. Fiona Kelly photography (via Wantthatwedding.com on Pinterest)
3. By Undertheroot (via Pinterest)
4. Lovely Life blog (via Pinterest)



Now available in my shops

A woman brought up by Mother Nature
discovers a hidden garden in the forest...

These pretty feathers are printed with photos from my latest photoshoot for Hidden Memories. You could frame them or use them as a unique bookmark.

Available here in my Etsy shop and my Dutch shop.

Hidden Memories by Puur Anders 
Styling: Anne van Midden, www.inspirestyling.com
Photography: Danique van Kesteren, www.88Forever.nl
Model: Margriet Hospers


Herman de Vries exhibition

Last weekend I visited the exhibition of Herman de Vries in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam with Celinda Versluis. I was fascinated by his work. 

'Herman de vries is a multi-talent who has managed to combine science, art, life and nature in his production. His work shows the relation between culture and nature.'

And psst....Celinda and I have great cooperations plans for next year. 


A personal touch to a wedding bouquet

Yesterday I received these pictures of a beautiful couple with a special bouquet. The bride made ​​this bouquet herself with brooches. On top adorns a flower with a photo of her deceased sister that I made for her.

"It was very special to have her on our wedding so close to me. The bouquet is now at a nice spot in the house, so we continue to enjoy it."

Fotocredits: Anneke Fotografie


All Souls' Day

floating dandelion seeds“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don't you?”  ― Rumi   (photo Ebru Sidar for ATOD Magazine: A Taste of Dawn.)

1. Floating dandelion seeds via Pinterest
2. Ebru Sidar for ATOD Magazine: A Taste of Dawn


Impression of the Etsy boot at Strawberry Earth Fair

This weekend I joined a great team of Etsy sellers at the Strawberry Earth Fair. Some impressions of this weekend. Thank you everybody for a wonderful weekend!
The hanging vases of AfNolet
Delicate illustrations by GlassWingDesign
Always impressive, paperwork by The Krantenkapper 

Foto: @PuurAnders #sefair14 de strawberries zijn fan!
Pictures taken by Anastasia of GlassWingDesign and Ingrid Maria Meijer.


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