Etsy favorites

Fine art print, Nature Photo, Black Pansy Flowers, 8x8, Nature Photography, Garden Pansy, Dark Flowers, goth, Ebony, Coal,Soft Skin - 8 x 8 - Fine art photographic print. Hands detail, woman, feminine. Lavender and green, square format. Home decor, home office.
Ophelia's Flowers II. - 8x8 Fine Art Photograph. Nature, dark tones, lomography, soft focus, romantic. Home decorSilhouette of Cypress, Art Print of Oil Painting

Etsy can be so inspiring. Now you can make your own favorites lists! Like Pinterest with Etsy work. Here you can check mine.

1. Black pansy flowers by The Shutterbug eye
2.Soft skin by Grain and Silk
3. Ophelia's flowers by Grain and Silk

4.Silhouette of Cypres by Windy lane studio