It's been a while, but I feel so honored to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award from Studio MHL. I love her work, so it is great to hear that she reads my blog too.
As I accept this award, I must list 7 things I love and then pass this award along to 7 other well deserving and kreativ bloggers and leave a message on their blogs to let them know they are awarded.

7 things I love

1. My two men (husband and son)
2. Drinking coffee in a bar (and eating pie or brownies)
3. interior and design magazines
4. wandering in the woods during spring or autumn
5. feeling the cold wind in my face during a winter walk at sea
6. seeing the first snowdrops in January
7. a perfectly decorated and cosy bed & breakfast

Blogs I nominate

1. Makool loves you
2. grijs
3. Kyra Kuijpers
4. Spagat
5. Sofia Bario (etre soi)
6. whiteowl found
7. Roe


anisa zei…
That's so sweet! thank you, reading through the list of the things you love, I think we would be good friends!