My work

A human girl raised by Mother Nature finds hidden places in the woods. 
So familiar, but yet so unknown to her. 
She can't figure it out why these places mean so much to her.
Flora sees her struggle.
This is your origin, she says.
Learn from your human side and cherish your two mothers in your heart.

Hidden Memories by Miranda van Dijk

My collection Hidden Memories is inspired by the connection between Nature and Humankind. All the items are made of fabric, printed with old photographs. 

Where to buy?
You can buy my work at Etsy or check my webshop (in Dutch).

An item with your own picture?
I do custom work too. You can buy them here at Etsy or send me an email.

Want to see more of my work?
Hidden Memories is my third collection. Please check my other collections on my website (in Dutch).


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